His Holiness Sudhanshuji Maharaj

His Holiness Sudhanshuji Maharaj, a revered soul is an epitome of love, humanity and spiritualism. He believes in spreading love across the entire human race by taking insight into innerself. His guidance is like a lamp in darkness that takes out the souls from the misery of darkness to light of wisdom and happiness.

Quite a large number of souls have alighted on the Earth to awaken the masses to the realities of true life. Like Vivekananda spread the message of living life through awakened wisdom, Guru Nanakji for spreading the message of service to mankind is service to God, and so on.

These revered souls casted an everlasting impact on the masses that they have become unforgettable legends of the time. These enlightened souls taught the lesson of spiritual upliftment of the individuals in one or the other way. This further led to mass followers of these souls till this date.

On similar lines, His Holiness Sudhanshuji Maharaj entered the arena of the blessed soul who descended the Earth with a mission to awaken the inner power of the individuals for carving a profound innerself.

His Holiness Sudhanshuji Maharaj understood the value of human life and so thought of giving it a divine touch through his discourses to immerse the humane life in the nectar of spirituality.

By spirituality, he means changing the entire gamut of personality by taking a deep insight into innerself to develop divine qualities. This helps to get a recognizable persona with divine qualities by abstaining from the normal vices of human life, i.e, Greed, lust, anger, fear, ego, ill thoughts, unpolished speech, impurity, etc. The divine qualities take the shape of love, happiness, satisfaction, purity, truthfulness, absence of ego, humanitarian attitude and so on.

The divinity within innerself shrugs off the cover of ignorance through the light of wisdom.

After completing his education, Meditation and acquiring spiritual enlightenment, this great soul set on a journey to feel the pulse of India so that he can understand the homeland minutely from every corner. He travelled all over India from North to South and East to West.

During the course of this long and extensive journey, he saw the rejected and dejected old people, orphans and the poor and a large majority of people leading a life of illusion, without any meaning. This touched him deeply and stirred in him an urge to bring change and do something for the masses. He thought of serving them by awakening their consciousness and thus unlocking the most latent energy of their them and started his move in accordance.

He got so moved by seeing the encompassing plight that he firmly thought of entering their lives to help them to transform their entire life by giving a meaningful touch to it.


His Holiness Sudhanshu Maharajji is indulged in transforming the lives of masses by enabling them to take a dip in the nectar of spirituality through his profound discourses. He wants the world to immerse their lives in the light of wisdom and cast off the darkness of ignorance. The success of a human being lies in the state of his well being. Our mission is guided by holistic way of life by making better and stronger innerself.


He visualizes a spiritually inclined healthy India. Here he looks forward for healthy India, in respect of physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual segments of well being. By spirituality, he means looking into inner self and reforming it by demarcating between virtues and vices. Accepting the virtues and abstaining the vices. Our motto is to look forward in making India a better place in every mode. A strong and healthy individual carves healthy family, a healthy family carves healthy society and a healthy society carves healthy Nation.


Devdoot means a messenger of God. They incarnate on the Earth with some divine message. Like, Vivekanandaji came to spread the message of wisdom with love, Guru Nanakji came to spread the message of service to mankind is service to God and so on.

On similar lines, Sudhanshu Maharajji alighted the Earth to spread the message of making a profound innerself through awakened consciousness. His motive is to see spiritually inclined India. His endeavours move in this direction. He has taken an initiative to give a meaningful turn to the life of the masses through his sermons and valuable guidance. His words flow like a nectar that has the power to transform the thought process of individuals.

Today people search happiness in acquiring materialistic happiness, i.e. living in worldly pleasures. His Holiness Sudhanshuji Maharaj puts an emphasis on listening the voice of innerself and making life a true bliss. His profound discourses are a true source of happiness and near to practicality of life. They touch the entire gamut of human life.

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