Devdoot activities are designed in a way that they are beneficial for the entire society. The people who are living a life of misery are here taken into consideration and are given due benefits through endeavor. Devdoot is proactively engaged in various activities for the benefit of mankind with the motto of Service to mankind is service to God.

Oldage Home

Realising the plight of the deprived parents of the love from their own children, Sudhanshu Maharajji took a stand in this direction by constructing Old people home.

His heart is full of love, compassion and respect for this category of people. He understands their pain and so gives them all the love and comforts. These old people homes are equipped with all the possible amenities.

Besides this,understanding attitude helps him to undertake such pious deeds. And his soft plus tender heart is filled with bountiful love for the masses and so his steps move in accordance with these feelings.

At the same time , his Holiness has also given a meaningful turn to their lives by making a schedule of the day which starts with Meditation and Yoga. A provision of financial independence is given to them.

These Ashrams are located as Saketdham Vridhashram , (Delhi) Amritdham Ashram (Hyderabad), Divyalok Ashram (Moradabad) and Shri Somnath Ashram (Panipat).

Vishwa Jagriti Mission


Orphan children are deprived of the parental love. They look forward for someone who cares for them and love them. Here unconditional love comes forth to be showered on these neglected children. But they have to live on the mercy of society. Eyes get filled with tears on visualising their plight.

His Holiness Sudhanshuji Maharaj foresees the plight of the destitute classes of children who are deprived of the parental love at very tender age or at the time when they needed their lovable shelter.

So Sudhanshu Maharajji adopted a sympathetic and empathetic attitude towards these children and adopted them. He provided them with the required means of living selflessly.

He opened educational institutes for them. Here they are given all the required academic education with the required amenities. Besides he also bedecked their life with virtues through his spiritual discourses and sessions. He promotes the message of Gita to them in children’s language. And also has arranged Yoga and Meditation classes for them.

We have acknowledged this vulnerable fact and have taken a step in this arena through Vishwa Jagriti Mission. They have extended a helping hand towards these destitute children. We love them is our motto.

Vishwa Jagriti Mission


Traditional system of education has lost its meaning in today’s modern age. The modern academic Knowledge is deprived of all the basic ethics and valueswhich were present in the earlier time of Gurukul trend of education.

Gurukuls are present in today’s age also but at a very meager level. Sudhanshuji Maharaj has taken an initiative in this direction and has established Gurukuls for the upliftment of children’s entire persona.

Modern Gurukuls are an amalgamation of modern academic knowledge along with inculcation of ethical and moral values. It further includes yoga and Meditation for development of inner dormant strength present in every human being. If this strength is tried to awaken at grass root level, then certainly it is going to take an individual to higher realm in life.

The children of these Gurukul lead an ideal life in real terms. They are an icon for other students to follow. They are endowed with such wondrous qualities which are rarely present in other students. So establishment of such Gurukuls is the need of an hour. This would make our Nation a truly better one in which every person will have a refined soul with wisdom of knowledge. We are working on Gurukul tradition of education in various institutions.

So on the education forefront, Sudhanshji Maharaj has established educational institutions. These are Maharishi Vedvyas Gurukul Vidya peeth, Delhi having a strength of 100 children, Gyandeep Kanya Mahavidyaklaya having a strength of 700 Girls and 300 boys, Balashram Surat having 100 children, Vishwa Jagriti Mission Rukka having 600 children, and Vishwa Jagriti Mission VJM Jharkhand having 200 children.

Vishwa Jagriti Mission

Gaushala (Cowshed)

Cows are treated as Mother and worshipped in similar way. Sudhanshu Maharajji also has similar thinking and so has made Gaushala within Ananda Dham complex .He believes that cows have multifarious facets. They provide nourished milk and at the same time cow dung is used as natural manure for agricultural purposes.

Besides this, Sudhanshuji Maharaj has made provision of giving cows to the underprivileged families to drive on their livelihood.

Vishwa Jagriti Mission


Yoga means to be one with God. Yoga is an ancient gift to the modern world. Yoga helps to keep body, mind and soul in tune with each other. The main focus of yoga is to energise body, mind and soul to get complete health. This is done through various Asanas, Pranayama, and Meditation.

Yoga sessions need to be conducted under the guidance of some expert physician. The onset of Yoga begins only after taking habits, internal metabolism and energy fields into consideration.

Yoga is combined with Naturopathy, Ayurveda and other holistic therapies for best health results and a total wellbeing.

Vishwa Jagriti Mission

Yoga sessions offer best results in morning and evening as it links with spiritual environment. The Yoga experts suggest practicing yoga in daily routine to remain fit and healthy.

Yoga also emphasizes on proper pure diet , i.e. Sattvik aahar. It helps the mind to remain in calm state.

The White Lotus

Alternative Medicine

India is a source of alternative medicine that treats the ailments naturally through ingredients of Nature.

Ayurveda is not just a system of medicine but knowledge of life. The uniqueness of Ayurveda lies in its holistic approach towards understanding the health and ailment and then finding out the solution to heel it. This system is valuable for many chronic problems also. The basic principles of Ayurveda are derived from the same 5 basic elements that are responsible for the existence of the World namely Earth, water, fire, air and metal which are collectively known as Panchamahabhuta. Ayurveda medicines are derived from the natural herbs and used in the form of herbal juices, concoctions, powders, oils, ghees, tablets and capsules.

Tridosha theory is derived from Panchamahabhuta theory. It focuses on maintaining equilibrium of health and also taking care of the disturbances occurring during occurrence of acute and chronic disorders. The concept is to bring equilibrium in doshas, reparing the damaged tissues and rejuvenating the tissue to stop further occurrence of the diseasese.The uniqueness of Ayurveda is its personalized approach in treating each individual considering the constitution of the body and other influencing factors such as the environment, climatic changes, food and activities.

The White Lotus
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