What is meditation? How meditation is done?

Meditation means emptiness. Meditation is not a work, it is a state. It is a science of step by step transformation to a higher self.

What are the plus of meditation?

Meditation is a means to realise the Supreme Power. It is a means to calm down your thoughts and concentrate them on the higher goal of self-realisation. Meditation helps to separate oneself from the worldly anxieties and to discover yourself.

How can we perform one-point Bhakti?

Once one is able to concentrate one’s thoughts, the level of Bhakti can be established. Bhakti is devotion which also means veneration. If there is respect for someone or something, the heart moves towards gratitude. Deep gratitude results into a deeper level of veneration. Veneration leads to Bhakti. Bhakti is not a one-time affair. It has to be perpetual and practiced honestly. Bhakti is another but purest form of respect and an expression of gratitude.

What is enlightenment?

It is self-realisation. Enlightenment is a purest form of self-awakening. It is a process of getting under the shadow of the Supreme Power. One becomes a part of the Supreme Power. Enlightenment is to know the truth. It is achieved through a long process of tapa and penance.

Where is God’s abode? Have you seen God?

God does not have a form. God does not own any physical or materialistic property. God is everywhere. God lives in your heart. You can see God if you have the good intention of seeing or meeting him. Every creation in the world is God’s abode. You need to have ‘Gyan/Pragya Chakshu’ to see him. Nobody in this world has seen him in his physical form, but has seen him in various forms.

What is Karmic theory?

Bhagwan shri Krishna laid emphasis on ‘doing your job, not expecting the result’. Good deeds result into better rewards. The rewards are given by God, but not solicited by the doer himself. Doing a job is your duty.

What is the role of thoughts in our life?

One should believe in himself and do good deeds..Thoughts result into good deeds. Pure thought means good deeds. Wrong or dirty thoughts force you to perform wrong deeds. Keep your thoughts clean, true and fair Our life becomes pleasant and livable if our thoughts are pure - no hurt to anyone, no deceit, no injury to anyone. God has brought you to this earth to do good to yourself and to others – not to harm anyone in any way.

How do flowers of devotion blossom in our life?

Very simple. Flower come to a blooming form when there is proper environment for them to grow, proper does of water and fertilizer, and also the appropriate climate. Flowers need tending and protection. These feelings are attributed to your belief in the Super Power and your willingness to surrender to the Supreme Power. Lord Krishna says, I protect them who believe in me and who surrender to me. This means – when there is the protection of the Supreme, the feelings and aspirations in side us begin to bloom. They become colourful and full of fragrance.

How to create positive thinking or optimism in life?

Positive thoughts get generated by the environment under which you life or move. Positive thoughts are generated by the amount of self-study of scriptures and participating in satsangs. The words and advice of the Guru help clean up your mind which then host positive thoughts in your mind. The words of the Guru are pieces of diamond and priceless pearls. Guru has kept them with him after having made long long searches and tapa. God is the modifier of our thoughts and no guru would inject wrong thoughts in his disciples. Good thoughts result into positive thinking.

What is the true way to happiness?

Serving elders, loving children, being closer to friends and colleagues. No hurt to anyone, no false attitudes, telling the truth, be away from vices and be straightforward in your approaches. Believe in yourself, accept the presence of God. Remember this – be aware of your duties and never commit any sin even when you are hiding in the seven layers of earth upon you. God can see you anywhere. Remember his presence. If you realise this, happiness is he guarantee given by God to you.

What is Yoga? How is it done?

The word Yoga comes from Sanskrit. It is an Indian tradition tht helps you to increase yhour vital energy. Yoga is done for the pujrpose of uniting the mind, body and spirit. This union can be achieved through meditation. This is the physical practice of yoga taught for the holistic well being of the body through a combination of gentle and vigorous series of asanas.

What are the benefits of Yoga?

Yoga gives three principal benefits: Physical benefits; Mental benefits; and Spiritual benefits. There is a systematic approach to do yoga and is generally done under the guidance of an experienced yoga trainer.

How meditation helps in our day to day life?

It helps regulate our mind. Meditation brings in purity of thought. Meditation cools our tense nerves. Meditation leads us to a higerh plan of deep and right thoughts which, in turn, result into pure actions and deeds. Meditation helps us to strengthen our family ties and links with our friends and colleagues. Meditation makes us realise the existence of a Supreme Power.

Why perform Meditation?

Meditation is a state of awareness, oneness, 100% concentration and being empty.

What is the starting duration of meditation?

Any time. There is no start or finish of any good thing. Meditation can be started any time of the age, and time. It is, however, essential tht a certain regularity needs to be maintained to do meditation. Generally, according to our Guru saints and sages, the best time is the early hours of the morning when the nature is calm and your own mind and body is a perfect resting period.

How and when can we increase the duration of meditation?

According to the practitioners of meditation, its duration is variable – shorter for beginners and longer for experienced. The ultimate and most perfect stage of meditation is Samadhi. Meditation lesions must be taken from an experienced guru.

What is Chakra Meditation? Should it be performed in the guidance of divine guru?

The human body today is the most excellent boon. Conferred by the Almighty and the person who comprehends his own body completely, realises the subtle mysteries of the entire universe. All universal faculties are concentrated as the force of life inside a human body which the scriptures term as the vital power [prana shakti].

Kundalini, the serpent power or the mystic fire, is the primordial energy or Shakti that lies dormant in the Mooladhara Chakra at the centre of the body. Kundalini is the cosmic power in individual bodies. It is a spiritual potential, shakti or cosmic power which when aroused leads to absolute divinity.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel’ chakra are the energy centres in the human body. They form a part of subtle energy body, along with the energy channels or Nadis and the subtle winds or pranas.

Chakra meditation is a finer knowledge which, if practiced, needs to be done under the guidance of an experienced and well-versed teacher. A wrong appolication can result into some problems.

What is the impact of Yoga in life?

Wonderful. Yoga keeps the body fit and the mind alert all the time. All systems in the body work in unison and remain active. Yoga helps us to expel bad elements from the body.

What ailments Yoga help to cure?

Practically all ailments can be cured by practicing yoga. The key element in using yoga is the regularity and continuous practice.

How is meditation helpful for children?

In many ways. A systematic introduction of children to meditation helps them to learn their lessons properly, retain the knowledge, and deal with the teachers and friends with humility and kindness. Good personal relationship can be easily established. Medication gives them an alert mind.

What is the role of Spiritual Guru in attaining God?

It is very simple if you look from the guru’s point of view. Faith in Guru, Abiding by the guidance of the Guru, following his advice are some guidelines which enable the disciple to move towards the door of God. Belief in the Guru is the first step to practice the journey towards the abode of God. Guru enables you to understand the value of scriptures and follow the path laid by the ancient sages and saints. If Guru gets convinced with the attitudes and anxiety of the disciples, he leads you to God by holding your hand in his benign hands. Seek, therefore, his benign blessings and remain under his shadow. His role in attaining God is therefore paramount and essential.

What is the eternal love of God and peace?

If you understand the ‘meaning’ of God, you understand the entire concept of universality of love and peace. God never harms anyone. God is always kind. He is a giver. He forgives everyone. He showers his blessings on all irrespective of the caste, creed, sex or class. He lifts everyone from the lower level to a higher plane.  Even everyone in the world is happy, there cannot be any conflict or war. When there is no conflict, peace will prevail everywhere. To enjoy peace in life, society or world, have faith in God.

How to create fountain of love in our heart?

Love is never purchased. It has to be cultivated. It has to be earned. It has to be preserved and passed on to others. Be kind, be pleasant, be patient, and be considerate. These are the traits one should cultivate in one’s personality. These result into compassion, love and friendship. Charity, gratefulness, kind give rise to love. Continued process creates a fountain of love in the heart.

What is spiritualism all about? Is it only chanting the name of God?

No, chanting of God’s name is not the only method to become a spiritual person. Spirituality means recognition of good people, kind saints, gods and learning wht they have been preaching. Have faith in the spiritual history and have faith in the grace of God and say that God always has been kind.

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