His Holiness Sudhanshuji Maharaj (Vishwa Jagriti Mission)

Maharajji thought of serving the downtrodden masses by his awakened consciousness. So he established Vishwa Jagriti mission by carrying this pious thought in his mind. This was established on 24th March, 1991 in New Delhi. This day was very auspicious, as it marked the birth of Lord Rama.

The motto is Revival of Indian Society based on ethical values.

Maharaji has reminded the values of Lord Rama’s ideals, Lord Krishna’s karma Yoga, compassion of Buddha, non violence of Mahavir besides ideals of popular saints such as Nanak, Kabir, Ravidas and so on. He has taken into account these values and dreamt of a society, possessing all the forgotten values and ideals. He follows the idiom of Service to mankind is service to God.

So Vishwa Jagriti mission was incepted with these pious and serene views. This is a nonprofit organisation working for the welfare of masses. Over the last 20 years, Vishwa Jagriti Mission has established more than 80 Mandals and Sewa samitis across the length and breadth of the country. They help in upliftment of the under priviledged and downtrodden class of Indian society. Besides, they also help in establishing faith,true religion and selfless service to mankind. So on these terms, masses receive services for varied purposes. This thought has given the lives of the people a unique touch of the love for humanity along with required services.

The tremendous waves of spirituality stirred Maharajii’s heart and so he thought of giving a meaningful touch to their lives. This further became the look out of Maharajji . Spirituality with health has become the nerve of the misison.The transformation is not limited to India but has touched the foreign horizons also.

Maharajji is an epitome of love and has over six million devotes all around the world who acknowledge him as their intimate friend, father, philosopher and guide. He has guided his followers towards the path of humanity so as to get blissful life. His radiance of divine consciousness has made Vishwa Jagriti Mission a symbol of love, spirituality and humanity.

The whitelotus

His Holiness Sudhanshuji Maharaj has opened many organizations for the benefit of mankind. Among the various organizations of Sudhanshu Maharajji , The white lotus is yet another step in the arena of healthy which displays the farsighted initiative of Maharaj in foreseeing healthy and upgraded India in every respect.

The white lotus is a stand of Vishwa Jagriti Mission(VJM)and is one of the finest integrative healthcare destinations in the country. It was established to provide world class services in the arena of health care. Our mission to see healthy India has encouraged us to get engrossed in finding solutions by alternative medicines to the growing health related issues.

We believe in provision of best solutions through Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Homeopathy system of medicines.

The ambience of the White Lotus hospital is amidst lush green and is embedded with all the luxuries and amenities. So one can utilize its services and get the best solution for their problems.

Yugrishi Ashram

Yugrishi Arogya Dham was inaugrated on 3rd June 2011 by his Holiness Sudhanshuji Maharaj at Ananad Dham Ashram , Delhi.

The three segments , Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy work in integrated manner to remove the ailments of the masses.

The treatment of a number of day-to-day diseases existing due to the changing lifestyle of the people is available here.

Our motive is to provide Holistic health solutions that rejuvenates and relaxes the mind, body and soul in our serene and tranquil professionally run Yugrishi Arogya Dham.

Karuna Sindhu Hospital

Karuna Sindhu signifies an ocean of compassion and so this hospital is meant to provide treatment to the subjugated class of society. Around 400 patients visits this hospital every day and they get proper care and treatment for the ailment. The doctors and the staff are very competent. Among the various departments, Opthamology department provides one of the best treatment for Cataract. The operations are performed free of cost.

Then further in addition to it, a Meditation and prayer room is present which provides Spiritual healing to the patients. The latest medical equipments for operations and treatment are available here. Besides, there is a mobile van that caters to the requirements of poor rural patients.

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